Natural Soap Making

Natural Soap Making – I’ve noticed recently, most of my friends know nothing about natural soap making. When I tell people that I make my own soap – some are completely mystified, as if soap couldn’t possibly be made anywhere but in an industrial lab, with expensive commercial equipment.

Nope! Not only can you make soap at home, but there are some fantastic benefits to doing so.

Here are my five favorite ways that learning to make your own soap can improve your life…

Give Yourself Gorgeous, Healthy Skin. This is my favorite, because I never expected there to be SUCH a huge difference in how my skin felt, when I first tried homemade soap. Since I started using my own soap, I’ve gotten more compliments on my skin than you’d believe.

The chronically dry skin that I once accepted as a bad draw from the gene pool has disappeared. My skin now *feels* good. It feels soft, smooth, and healthy. And healthy skin looks radiant and beautiful. Homemade soap is the easiest way in the world to give yourself great skin.

I can’t believe more people don’t know about this. Natural soap that you make yourself has all the good stuff – the glycerin, oils, and moisturizers – that big companies strip out to resell. Make it yourself, and all you have to do is wash like normal – no change to your routine, no hours set aside for special beauty treatments – just shower, and voila, amazing skin that will have people asking, “what’s your secret?”

Give Great Gifts. In the past, I struggled every year when the holidays came. I had so many people that felt close enough to give gifts too, but not so close that I instinctively knew what they’d love.

And I hated the idea of giving yet another generic package of commercial soaps and lotions from the mall. Once I started making soap, this problem solved itself. Homemade soap wows your friends, because most people can’t imagine being able to make it themselves.

And, if they’re wowed when they get it, just wait to see their reaction when they start using it! (A word of warning, don’t be surprised if they start asking for more!)

Start a Soap Business in Dubai – Looking for a little extra income in a tough economy? Or a way out of a bad job? Selling your own soaps can be done online, or locally at a farmer’s market or flea market to help bring in some extra cash. How much you make will largely depend on the quality of your product, and how well you’re able to bring in new customers. So brush up on your marketing skills, and get ready to roll!

Meet New Friends by Starting a Soap Club in Dubai – Looking to meet new people, or connect more deeply with people you already know? You can always invite your friends over to learn to make soap. This can be loads of fun, especially if you enjoy teaching, and is a great way to bond as your share your hobby.

Beyond that, finding other local soap makers opens up a new avenue for socializing. Organize a soap making meet-up, and start trading tips, tricks, and stories with other soap makers. One fun way to approach this is by hosting a “soap swap” where everyone brings enough of their own soap to share with each other. You walk away with several new soaps to try out, and new friends to share your hobby with.

You can also meet soap making friends online, and enjoy trading recipes and photos of your creations. (And, occasionally you may find someone who wants to trade soaps by mail.)

My favorite reason for making soap in Dubai – taking control! I’ve had experiences where I fell in love with a product at the store, only to have it discontinued by the manufacturer. When you make your own soap, you pick your favorite recipes, and nobody can ever take those away from you. You also have final control over the ingredients.

If you don’t want to buy certain oils because you believe that harvesting them is ecologically irresponsible, you don’t have to. If you hate lavender, you don’t use it. If olive oil irritates your skin, pick another oil. If you’re the only person on the planet who likes the smell of chocolate and fennel together, go for it! You get to make all the decisions, and have final control over your soap – it’s empowering.

Haven’t tried making your own soap yet? Natural soap making is easy and gives you soap that’s a million times better than anything you can buy in the store. And now, you’ve got five more reasons to give it a try!

Christie is obsessed with great homemade soap, and loves sharing what she’s learned with friends and family. She hopes to inspire more people to give soap making a try.

Natural Soap Recipes

Learning a few natural soap recipes can prevent the following:

It happens so often! You are at the grocery store and thinking 1. Why can’t somebody make a truly natural soap? 2. Why are all these soaps so heavily perfumed? I don’t want to clash with my favorite fragrance. 3. Why is the entire selection of bar soaps so highly priced when the quality is so mediocre? Some natural soap recipes can be the answer to those frustrating concerns. Natural soap making is a wonderful hobby, makes it easy for you to custom make a luxury item for very little money and is a fantastic gift idea. The following is a wonderful natural soap recipe perfect for home or gift giving.

Citrus Gone Nuts Soap by Anna Posth

o 400g olive oil

Part 1: Citrus Soap 7%

o 250g coconut oil

o 150g grapeseed oil

o 100g corn oil

o 100g canola oil

o 300g distilled water

o 134g lye crystals

o 1T honey

o 1T powdered milk

o half t of each: lemon, orange blossom, pink grapefruit E.O.

o freshly grated peel of 1 of each: orange, lemon, lime, clementine

Combine grated peels with essential oils and set aside. Add honey to water and mix well. Add lye and mix well. Cool off to 100°F. Combine milk powder with 1-2T of oil and set aside. Heat up the rest of the oils to 100°F. Add milk mixture and blend well. Slowly add lye/honey solution. Use a stick blender to reach trace (a few minutes). At trace add peels/E.O.s. Pour the raw soap into a large container or leave in your pot. Insulate with a blanket overnight. The following day cut it into cubes approximately three quarters of an inch. Set aside.

Part 2: Nutty Soap 10%

o 400g olive oil

o 200g coconut oil

o 100g of each oil: grapeseed, corn, canola, macadamia

o 300g distilled water

o 128g lye crystals

o 1T honey

o Spice Mix:

o 64g coarsely ground almonds

o 2T oatmeal (grind into flour)

o 2T Polish cake seasoning Przyprawa Korzenna from Dr. Oetker which includes the following ground items: sugar, allspice, cloves, caraway seed, coriander, herbal pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon.

o 1T powdered milk

o 1t cinnamon leaf E.O.

o half t clove bud E.O.

o half t cocoa powder (Dutch processed)

o one quarter t ground cinnamon

Combine all items in Spice mix. Add all of the macadamia oil and mix well. Set aside for about an hour. Add honey to water and mix well. Add lye and mix well. Cool off to 100°F. Heat up the rest of the oils to 100°F. Slowly add lye/honey solution. Use a stick blender to reach trace (a few minutes). At trace add Spice mix.

Blend a few more minutes to make it thick enough to sustain the cubes of Citrus Soap. Once it is thick add the cubes and mix with a spoon. Scoop the soap mixture into your moulds. Insulate with a blanket overnight. Wait for 1-3 days before cutting it.